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August 16, 2017
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My enquiry is buzzing...

I'm finding out about bees!

Thanks Mr Brown!

Not sure if this is what he had in mind when he tidied up all the leaves...


Another new skill - what fun!

Last year's staff photo

What a hansom lot!

School Production 2016

An event of Olympic proportions!

The Army visited us in 2016

Don't Shoot!

Pet Day


Pet Day

So what's with the long face?

About Waipawa School

Mission Statement – Growing and Inspiring the Next Generation

Vision - Waipawa Primary School graduates will leave Waipawa Primary School prepared and confident for their continuing education at high school.

The “Waipawa Way” school values

We care about:

  • Ourselves
  • Our learning
  • Our Environment
  • Each other

We are committed to …

  • An expectation of excellence for every student by every teacher
  • A holistic approach to children’s learning and needs
  • Being involved in rich learning experiences
  • Promoting higher order thinking using the Waipawa Primary School Inquiry Learning model
  • Students learning in a safe learning environment.

View our ERO Report here http://www.ero.govt.nz/review-reports/waipawa-school-15-07-2016/