We welcome you to Waipawa Primary School, and wish you a positive and happy association with our school.
The object of this Waipawa Primary School A to Z is to provide a summary of information about the school, so that you may be more familiar with its day-to-day running. The information is of a general nature, and your enquiries on any matter are always welcome.

Telephone: School Office (06) 8578761
Absences Text line: 0279545654
E-mail: office@waipawa.school.nz
Facebook: Waipawa Primary School
SchoolAPP Search: SchoolAppsNZ in the App Store or Play Store

The A to Z guide

Absences from School

We request that parents / caregivers contact the school as soon as they know their child /
children will not be attending. Please remember when informing the office of an absence

  1. Child’s name
  2. Child’s class
  3. Reason for absence (e.g. sick)

All unexplained absences will be contacted by 9.30 am.

It is important that all children coming to school are punctual. All patterns of lateness and non-attendance will be viewed seriously.

If it is a continued absence over time, for example a family holiday, we need you to notify the office and your child’s teacher prior to the event. If you have any questions then please email office@waipawa.school.nz
Absences Text: 027 9545654
Email: office@waipawa.school.nz
SchoolAPP Search: Waipawa School App in the App Store or Play Store
You can still continue to ring the school on (06) 8578761 and leave a message as you may have done previously.


We do not charge school fees or even request a donation! However students will be charged for their stationery requirements, technology fees for year 7/8 students and sports fees. We encourage parents to set up an automatic payment system into the school bank account to cover costs throughout the year. Details are available from the office. You will be sent account statements at different times throughout the year.

After School Care

We don’t host before or after school care here on site however Scallywags do provide after
school care for children at their site on Watts Street. Scallywags bring down a minibus to school at the end of the school day to collect the children and take them back. You can contact Scallywags on 8587404 for more information.


Because of the potential health problems from animals fouling the grounds, and the danger from unrestrained pets, we have a rule that no dogs are allowed in the grounds of Waipawa School unless having consent from the Principal. Signs are posted at the gates and we appreciate your cooperation in taking notice of these.

App and Alerts

You can download the SchoolAppsNZ app from either the Play Store or the App Store. You can send an absentee notification through the App and receive school notices, information and alerts. The alert function is a great way for you to keep informed and as reminders for upcoming events or postponements. The Waipawa School calendar is also available on this app as are the term dates and other notices.


We have a Monday morning assembly each week. This is how we start our week and never goes for longer than 20 minutes. We use this assembly to welcome everyone back and to set the week up. Teachers give messages, we acknowledge birthdays and celebrate any Waipawa Wonder cards. We also have 2 full school assemblies a term. These are usually on a Friday at 9:00am and last for 45 minutes. Parents and whanau are encouraged to attend and in most cases teachers will notify parents if their child is to receive anything. We also have a house assembly once a term.

Asthma Friendly School

We are an Asthma Friendly School. All teachers and administration staff are trained to support children with asthma. Please contact the school office for more information regarding Asthma if required.

Behaviour Management

The aim of behaviour management at Waipawa Primary School is to have an atmosphere
throughout the school in which children feel cared for, secure and happy, and have the
maximum opportunity to learn.

A School Wide Approach

  • A consistent approach to disciplining students in our school, based on establishing
    respectful relationships
  • Positively stated expectations for all students and staff in our school
  • Procedures for teaching these expectations
  • A reinforcement system for encouraging our students to demonstrate and maintain these expectations

A continuum of logical consequences for our students to discourage problem behaviour
Behaviour management plays a big part in wellbeing of children at Waipawa school.
For more information or to discuss further please see the principal.


Birthdays are very special at Waipawa School so all children have their birthday acknowledged at our Monday morning assembly and they can come and claim their free juicy at lunchtime on Friday of that week.

Board of Trustees

The Waipawa Primary School Board of Trustees meet twice a term, usually in weeks 3 and 9 of each term unless otherwise stated. Everyone is welcome to attend. The BOT are responsible for the strategic direction and vision of our school. The Board are a tremendous asset to the school.

2019 is election year so BOT elections will take place in June.
The current BOT members are:
Chrissy Malcolm Chairperson
Justine Foster Parent Rep
Annabel Kittow Parent Rep
Lou Baker Parent Rep
Pete Burne Staff Rep
Paul Jamieson Principal

Breakfast Club

Whanau and Friends operate a Breakfast club for students on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday – if parent help is available. This is open for any child. Breakfast club takes place from 8:15am to 8:45am. Please contact the school if you are keen to help out.

Bus Service

We have buses coming to school from Otane and Omakere. Both buses arrive at approx 8:15am and both depart at 3:30pm. Bus students must wait for their buses at the Technology Centre where they are supervised by the Tech Team teachers. If your child is not travelling on a bus on a particular day please inform the school office.


At present we do not have a Bring Your Own Device policy. We provide all the devices here at school. Over the last year we have invested heavily in iPads and these are our preferred device.

We do not operate a 1-1 device policy. We use our iPads for a purpose in a creative and
collaborative way that enhances the learning experience.

Car Park

Our school car park is for the staff of Waipawa School.


We don’t encourage children to bring cell phones to school however should children bring
cellphones to school they must be placed in the cell phone slot in the office foyer as soon as they arrive at school. They will remain in the locked drawer for the day and then must be collected by the owner at 3:00pm.

CHB Involvement

Waipawa School is actively involved in all CHB school events. We also take part in selected Hawkes Bay school events. We are currently part of the Te Angiangi Kahui Ako.

Civil Defence

In the event of a Civil Defence emergency, your child(ren) will be kept at school under
supervision until collected by parents, or others nominated on your updated contact details provided on Linc-Ed, our student management and learning system.
Class – year level classification

  • Children are placed in the next class after spending one year at the previous class level.
  • Children who start school in Term 1 will be considered carefully for their placement for the following year. Generally these children will be classified as Year One and then Year Two in the following year. Consideration will take into account the following:
    • Emotional and social development
    • Academic development
    • Consultation with parents and caregivers
  • In some cases these children may be classified as Year One/Two and a final decision made at the end of the following year. Where our organisation allows, this decision may be delayed until Year 3.
  • Children who start after 1 st May will generally be classified as Year Zero then Year One for the following year. Consultation is always undertaken with parents and teachers before any decision is made.
  • There may occasionally be children who will be placed in a different level at times other than the beginning of the year. These will include children who have arrived from other countries, children with special needs or abilities or children who have been ill. Each case will be considered fully, following consultation with the parents.
  • On occasions, to make room for new children entering school, it may be necessary to move children through to another class during the year. Where this is necessary parents will be informed either by telephone or letter and invited to come in to discuss the reasons for the move through.

The Principal will make the final decision on all placements, promotion and classification of children.


We work hard to teach children to be responsible for their own belongings and clothing. Please label all belongings and clothing including shoes as this does assist us with returning it to the rightful owner if found. School bags also need the child’s name inside.


We encourage positive communication between school and home so please don’t hesitate to keep in touch with information you think is necessary for us to know to ensure we provide a safe, healthy learning place for your child or children.

Waipawa School uses the School APP, facebook and the weekly flyer to communicate with our families. Classes use a range of tools to communicate with families but most classes are using the SeeSaw app as the main tool to communicate.

School contacting parents

In the event of an emergency, it is important that parents can be contacted. We must be
able to make telephone contact should the need arise. Please check that details about
your telephone numbers and your current emergency contact person are recorded correctly in the office. Advise us of any changes immediately.


Twice a year we have learning conferences. These involve the teacher, child and
family/whanau. These learning conferences take place in week 3 of term 2 and week 8 of term 3. Each learning conference lasts for 15 minutes and it is really important each child and their whanau attend.

Concerns and Complaints

We have a concerns and complaints policy that can be viewed at the office or online via our School Docs website. However, in short, if you have a concern or complaint please come and talk to us about it so we can resolve it in a positive, respectful and timely fashion.


Our curriculum was redesigned and developed in 2018 and in 2019 it will be refined to ensure it is localised and also future focussed. Our vision, ‘Active in Learning, Active in Life’ and the kaupapa that sits underneath this underpin our curriculum and we use our curriculum to bring this to life. Waipawa students will have the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and understandings in numeracy and literacy, the arts, science, social sciences, technology, digital technologies, health and physical education as well as developing their key competencies and learning to walk and thrive in many different contexts.

In the early years children learn the social and emotional skills and the skills of reading, writing and numeracy so that they can explore into their world and engage in authentic learning contexts as they get older. Our curriculum is designed to encourage children to want to read and write and develop numeracy skills because of the learning activities and opportunities that they are involved in. Should you want to know more about our curriculum please see the principal.

Cyber Safety

In 2019 our cyber safety policies and practices are currently under review.
A copy of the current technology and internet agreement form can be requested from the office.

Cycles (and scooters) at school

We encourage our children to walk, cycle or scooter to school. If scootering or cycling children must wear a helmet. We do let the children scooter and cycle at school. From Monday to Thursday they are allowed to scooter in certain places (over the drain outside Block B, behind hall and down to turf) and also bike (around the bike track). On a Friday the children are allowed to scooter and cycle anywhere.

Dental Care

Our dental therapist is located at Waipukurau Primary School. If you have concerns regarding your child/children’s dental care please phone 858 6725

Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC)

EOTC covers many learning experiences that we value at Waipawa School. These can range from working in the school garden to visiting the library to going away on an overnight camp.

We consider EOTC experiences vital to a child’s education and a big part of what happens at Waipawa School.

Around Waipawa: When you enrol your child you are asked to fill out a form that gives
permission for your child to walk to different places in Waipawa, ie library, pool etc. When this takes place teachers should be letting you know (through seesaw, newsletter etc) and they may ask for parent help (especially the younger year groups).

Day Trips: These take place throughout the year and are connected to the learning happening at that time. Day trips require parent consent and on most occasions parent help is required.

Camps: Currently our Year 5-8 children participate in school camps every odd year. In the even year they have a week of day trips. These both take place in term 1. We police vet all our parent helpers who attend our overnight camps. Camps require parent consent, risk disclosure and a detailed medical form.

Please note that the the cost of camps and class trips are kept to a minimum. Whanau and
Friends make a yearly contribution to assist with EOTC experiences and in a lot of cases most trips (excluding camp) are covered by this Whanau and Friends donation and/or the Board of Trustees.

At times we often require parent help and this is usually for transport and supervision. If
providing transport it is critical that the drivers has a current driver’s license and the car has a WOF, is registered and has safety belts. Booster seats are also required for our younger students.

Emergencies and Lockdown

We have procedures in place for both Emergency Evacuation’s and Lockdown. We practice these at least once a term. If you are ever at school and there is an Emergency Evacuation please head to the cricket pitch that is on the field. If there is a lockdown you will be asked to go to the school hall or the staffroom.


When enrolling, each new family must meet with the principal. This is a great way to get to know the school, the principal and what Waipawa School is all about. The principal will give you a tour of the school and answer any questions you may have. We are flexible so it is no problem to work out a suitable transition that will suit your child. We are currently re organising our enrolment packs. There are a number of forms that need to filled out when a child starts school.

One of the most important when starting school as a 5 year old is a copy of their birth certificate and immunisation certificate.

Entrances to School

Our main entrance to school is on Harker Street. At times this can be a busy place and we ask that parents show patience and respect. Please don’t park on the yellow lines and please ensure you use the pedestrian crossing.

We have another entrance at the back of the school at the end of Union Street. If using this entrance you need to cross the field to get to the classrooms.


Education Review Office reports are available to view at www.ero.govt.nz . A copy of Waipawa’s latest ERO Report (2019) can be found here and through www.ero.govt.nz.

First Aid

In the case of more serious accidents or illness, immediate first aid will be given and parents contacted. Should parents not be available, it is important that we have the name of an Emergency Contact , a friend or relative, with whom contact can be made. In emergencies, if parents cannot be contacted at once, the school will take the necessary steps (e.g. take the child to family doctor)

Please note:

  • Children requiring medication during the day – parents will need to complete a “Request to Administer Medication” form (available at the office). All medicine brought to school should be handed in at the office for safekeeping.
  • It is very important that you advise the school if your children have allergies or reactions to stings etc. that might affect their health.
  • If your child suffers from asthma and needs an inhaler, please ensure they have this with them at all times, or arrange for a spare inhaler to be kept at the school office.

Home learning / Homework

Home learning or homework take place across all classes however it looks different across all classes as well. As a general rule home learning should support, enhance and consolidate the teaching and learning that is happening in class and it should provide a positive link between home and school. Please talk with your child’s teacher about home learning / homework.


Due to an increase in roll numbers we have had to disband our library. We have some
renovations taking place in 2019 and after this we will decide if we can fit a library in and where this will be. In the meantime we are using the Waipawa Library. This is a great resource and we are lucky that it is so close to the school. We also like the fact that going to the town library will become a habit for our children that they will continue long after they leave us. Some classes go to the library on a weekly basis while others go on a fortnightly basis.


Here at Waipawa School we use a Student Management System called Linc-Ed. 2019 is the first year with this system. Currently we are just using the system in the school but in the future we hope to use it in a way that provides real time reporting. We still have some way to go to implement this successfully but we are hoping to begin this in 2020.

Lost Property

A considerable quantity of unclaimed and unnamed clothing builds up at the school. This is kept in a box in the foyer of the Block B tower (beside room 12), and parents and children are asked to check this from time to time. Please assist by naming all garments and your child’s other belongings clearly. Don’t forget belts, towels and swimming togs, and any other items which are taken to school. If they are labelled with your child’s name, we can return them to the owner.

Children should not bring valuable personal property to school. Sometimes teachers are asked to take care of valuables and they are willing to do this, although they cannot be held responsible for any loss. It is wise for parents to extend personal insurance policies to cover clothing and property while at school. This is especially important for bicycles.

Lunch / Lunch Ordering

Please make sure your child brings lunch to school every day. Though it can be hard we do ask that you do your best to avoid sugary foods or foods that are excessively packaged.

School lunches are available Tuesday to Friday each week. Lunches are supplied from Waipawa Fish Supply. Lunch forms are available from the office foyer. When ordering a lunch please complete a lunch order form and place in an envelope with the correct money and put into the lunch order box. On the last Friday of the month Fish and Chips are available.


If your child requires medication to be taken during school hours please name it and hand it into the school office. Parents must sign a permission slip requesting that the school administer the medicine at a certain time and the dosage. Office staff will ensure that the medication is taken at the correct time and sign the form as proof. Please collect from the office at the end of the day. Medication is administered by the First Aid offices Sue and Kathy.

Milk in Schools

Waipawa Primary School is part of the Fonterra Milk in Schools programme.


Any money coming to the school or book club orders should be handed to the school office.

Please place in a named envelope and write on the outside what it is for. Please discourage children from bringing money to school for other purposes, as it is difficult to find if lost.


Music lessons are available through the Napier Music Academy. To register for lessons in
Guitar, Piano and Drums please go to www.napiermusicacademy.co.nz . All lessons are held on site during school hours.


Every Wednesday our school flyer is sent home. This school flyer contains important
information, events, sport updates, community happenings. Some classes send home separate newsletters at different times of the year but we try and ensure that these are also sent home on a Wednesday.

Parent helpers

Waipawa School likes to involve parents in classroom programmes where and when this is appropriate. This is up to each individual teacher so it is best to discuss with them or wait for teachers to put out a call for help!

Many parents assist us greatly in a variety of ways and we really appreciate this. Parents
assisting at the school will need to sign-in/out on the VisTab in the office foyer on arrival and departure.


A class photograph is available each year, along with individual photographs. Correct uniform is to be worn.


Waipawa School uses School Docs to host its policies and to keep them updates and regular reviewed. To view the school policies please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to www.schooldocs.co.nz
  2. Click Search for your school .
  3. Start typing the school’s name and then select it from the dropdown list.
  4. Enter the community username (waipawa) and password (active)

Reporting to parents

Along with the two learning conferences we will also send home 2 written reports. A Mid Year report will be sent home at the end of term 2 and an End of Year report will be sent home towards the end of term 4.

Road Safety

At Waipawa we are very conscious of road safety. Please help us with this by always using the road crossing when delivering or collecting your children from school.
Please do not park on the yellow lines and the disabled car park (unless you qualify). The yellow lines and crossing are there to keep your children safe so please respect this and be a role model by doing the right thing.

The School Day

8:50am School day begins
8:50am – 10:40am Morning learning block
10:40am – 11:00am Morning Tea
11:00am – 12:40pm Middle learning block
12:40pm – 1:30pm Lunch
1:30pm – 2:55pm Afternoon learning block
2:55pm School day finishes

Please ensure your child arrives at school on time. If your child is late they must report to the school office and sign in on the tablet.

During morning tea and lunch two staff members are rostered on duty. They wear a fluoro vest to be easily visible to children.


From time to time accidents occur, in spite of careful supervision by our staff. Most problems are minor, and a friendly word or quick visit to the sick bay is often enough. If children become unwell at school, a decision is made as to their return home or a rest in the sick bay. If they need to go home or require medical attention, you or your emergency contact person will be notified.

Signing in / Signing out

Children are not permitted to leave the school grounds unless directly supervised by teachers or parents.

The office and teacher should be informed if there is a need to take pupils from school during the day. Should a person unknown to us be required to pick up a pupil, then it is very important that they identify themselves to a staff member and ensure that the child is signed out at the school office. The school has very clear obligations in these cases.


Waipawa School operates a smoke-free policy in line with Government legislation, and no
smoking by visitors or staff is permitted anywhere in the school buildings or in the school
grounds at any time.

Social Media

Waipawa School currently has a facebook page that we use to communicate with families. This communication is usually for messages that we share on the app. We are considering closing this account and just using the school app – but we will consult with our parents first.

Children are not allowed their own devices at school and our filtering service ensures children can’t access social media apps or websites. However we are finding that social media use of our children outside of school (particularly year 7/8) continues to increase.

These interactions often create issues and while it often happens outside of school hours we do deal with these issues and work with the children and families to reach a desired outcome. As a school all we ask of parents is to know what social media app or apps your children are on and to monitor their use. If there are issues we will work together.


Sport and physical activity is valued and considered an important aspect of what happens at Waipawa. To complement the school’s PE programme classes also join together and participate in weekly sport afternoon’s. Waipawa children are also involved in all CHB sport competitions and because we are a school that has good numbers of participants we can field our own teams.

Sports cover a range of year levels and take place after school or on a Saturday. Inter school competitions take place throughout the year and usually take place during the school day.



Paul Jamieson Principal
Karena Finch Assistant Principal and Year 5/6 teacher in room 11
Stacey Mabey Assistant Principal and Year 1/2 teacher in room 5


Tim Waite Year 7/8 – room 12
Peter Burne Year 7/8 – room 9
Harry Twinn Year 6/7 – room 8
Anna Oosterkamp Year 4/5 – room 2
John Davidson Year 3/4 – room 3
Anne McGregor Year 2/3 – room 4
Cheree Drepaul Year 1/2 – room 6
Tania Elworthy Year 1 – room 7
Gabrielle Vallely New Entrant – room 1


Office: Sue England
Teacher Aides: Kathy Fletcher, Colleen Carter, Casey Lancaster, Claudia Mason, Denise
Caretaker: Peter Robertshaw
Cleaner: Kerry Gooch
Arie Groenveld Team Leader
Simon Pearse
Rachel Smith
Barry Kerr Resource Teacher of Literacy
Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour have a base onsite


All students are given stationery as required at the beginning of the school year. Parents are then invoiced for these. Stationery can be purchased during the year – please see the school office between 8:30am and 8:50am for any requirements. We don’t make a profit from these items.


As part of our SUNSMART Policy we require that all children wear a named school sunhat that protects the head, ears, face and neck during Terms 1 and 4. Sunscreen 30+ pump pack is available in classrooms.
Staff are role models and wear hats whilst on duty.

Support Services

Our school has access to a range of support services which can be available to contribute
towards your child’s education or any issues you may be facing
RTLiT – Resource Teacher of Literacy
RTLB – Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour
RTM – Resource Teachers of Maori
Public Health Nurse
SWIS – Social Worker in Schools
SLT – Speech Language Therapists
Ministry of Education Learning Support (usually child psychologists)
Oranga Tamariki
NZ Police

Hearing and Vision

Most of this require us to follow a referral procedure. Please come and talk to us if you feel you or your child requires some support.


As of 2019 we now use the Waipawa and Districts Centennial Memorial Pool. This is a wonderful facility and our children are very lucky to have access to this facility. It is a 400 metre walk for our students. We swim for parts of term 1 and term 4 and it is weather dependent on when we start and finish swimming.

Technology Centre

Waipawa Primary School runs the CHB Technology Centre. Year 7/8 children from CHB schools attend the tech centre. When a visiting school(s) attends the Tech centre they have their breaks at a different time to Waipawa students. Children from Waipawa School attend the tech centre on a Wednesday afternoon.

Term dates

Waipawa School Term Dates 2019

Term 1:
Monday 4th February to Friday 12th April
Public Holidays:
Waitangi Day: 6th February

Term 2:
Monday 29th April to Friday 5th July
Public Holidays:
Queen’s Birthday 3 June

Term 3:
Monday 22nd July to Friday 27th September

Term 4:
Monday 14th October to Thursday 19th December
Public Holidays:
HB Anniversary Day 25th October
Labour Day 28th October


It is really important that children who begin school have a transition that will enable them to them to be ready for school when they start. We want our new 5 year old children to feel safe, feel like they belong so they are happy and comfortable in our school environment. Transition mornings take place every Friday morning and we have no set rules around how many visits each child should have. Some children have 3, others have up to 10, some more than 10. Talk with us and we’ll do what is best for your child.


Children need to wear our uniform when attending school. Our uniform is

  • Navy blue shirt with logo
  • Navy blue polar fleece with logo
  • Navy blue shorts OR Navy blue skort OR Navy blue long pants (no labels)
  • Thermals may be worn underneath, these must be navy blue or black
  • School bucket hat (in terms 1 and 4)
  • Footwear: must be sensible and suitable for all types of physical activity

The Waipawa School uniform (polar fleece and polo shirt can only be purchased from Pressed 4 Time in Waipukurau). The shorts, skorts and pants can be purchased from any clothing store but they must not have labels showing. At times we have a range of second hand uniforms here at school.


The Waipawa Primary School Values are:

  • We care about ourselves
  • We care about each other
  • We care about our environment
  • We care about our community

Our Expectations that sit underneath our school values are:

We care about ourselves:

  • We make good choices, show perseverance and know how to bounce back
  • We challenge ourselves and aim to be better than before

We care about each other:

  • We are kind to others
  • We work and play together and find ways to solve problems

We care about our environment:

  • We respect our school
  • We are responsible for our actions

We care about our community:

  • We respect everyone
  • We look to pay it forward

Visits to School by parents

Before school (8.30-8.50am) is a particularly busy time for teaching staff and is not a suitable time for in-depth parent/teacher interviews or discussions. It is advisable to contact the teacher to arrange an appointment if you have anything you wish to discuss.

Waipawa Wonder Cards

One of our school values is ‘We care about our community’. One of the ways we show this is by having Waipawa Wonder cards out at the different businesses in Waipawa. When children from Waipawa School are in their uniform and they show good manners they may receive a Waipawa Wonder card. We then celebrate this at our Monday morning assembly.

Whanau and Friends

We have a fantastic and active whanau and friends group who raise funds for the school and help out in may other ways. . To continue to have a sustainable and effective Whanau and Friends we are always after proactive parents who are willing to help out. If you wish to join Whanau and Friends or you just want to make yourself available to help out at events let Sue in the school office know. Whanau and Friends meet a couple of times a term and this is usually in the evening.


Currently we do not have an enrolment zone in place but with a significant increase in roll
numbers over the last year we have now began the process of working with the Ministry of Education to develop an enrolment zone for our school. This can be a long process but we will assume an enrolment zone will be place from 2020.