The Central Hawke's Bay Technology Centre stands in the grounds of Waipawa School but aims to provide quality technology education to all intermediate aged (11 and 12-year-old, years 7 and 8) school children in Central Hawke’s Bay – at present 17 of the 19 primary schools in CHB send their pupils to The CHB Technology Centre (about 300 students).

THe CHB Technology Centre has three classrooms - a Foods room with six kitchens, a workshop and a general purpose room.
With three teachers specialising in technology education the Technology Centre has a hard materials room, a general technology room, a foods room and an ICT suite, and can cater for all aspects of the New Zealand technology curriculum. All units follow the technology/innovation cycle and include different aspects of the technology curriculum, ensuring the students cover all aspects of the curriculum over a one year period.

Head of Department, Arie Groenveld, has taught technology at CHB Technology Centre since 1991 and comes from a background in the building trade. He specialises in hard materials technology, but is equally happy teaching technology through the mediums of electronics, food, creative design and graphics. He is also takes an extension class in mathematics.

Shona Gauden has taught technology at CHB Technology Centre since 1997 and prior to that was a primary school teacher. She specialises in food technology, soft materials and creative design. She also takes an extension class, developing artistic skills through the design process incorporating 3D art.

Simon Pearse began teaching at CHB Technology Centre in 2011 and comes from a background in Engineering and ICT. He specialises in electronics, robotics and ICT, but is equally happy teaching technology through the mediums of food, hard materials and graphics. He also takes an extension class in ICT using the school TV studio.


RTLit for Central Hawke's Bay, Barry Kerr, is based at Waipawa School.

Based at Waipawa School Resource Teacher of Literacy (RTLit), Barry Kerr, is available to work in all CHB schools.

RTLit are specialist teachers who support and assist staff in schools to meet the needs of year one to eight students experiencing difficulties with literacy learning.

As an RTLit Barry provides advice, modelling and guidance for classroom teachers who work with students on the RTLit roll. This support may focus on reading and/or writing and oral language. The desired goal is that students make accelerated learning progress and are able to work at or near the appropriate NZ Reading and/or Writing Standard.

Barry can be contacted through Waipawa Primary School office.


RTLB's provide learning and behaviour support. 

Based primarily at Waipawa School Resourse Teachers: Learning & Behaviour, Lynn Marsh and Sally Biss, provide learning and behaviour support to schools throughout Central Hawke's Bay.

The Tukituki RTLB service supports teachers and schools by;

  • Providing an ecological assessment to identify instructional needs of students.
  • Assisting with the adaptation of classroom programmes to better meet the needs of students.
  • Helping to improve school & home communication.
  • Introducing resources to aid inclusion.
  • Providing regular on-going support to designated students.
  • Providing professional development.
  • Supporting schools at management level to develop an inclusive school culture.


SWiS helps build social skills

Social Worker in Schools runs programmes in schools around building social skills and preventing bullying. SWiS works with children on an individual basis in regards to dealing with anger, anxiety, behaviour, stress, self-esteem and so forth. SWiS can also help families with parenting strategies as well with accessing recourses/services available in the community.

I am Karen Bothmer Klein, working for Family Works and SWiS at Waipawa, Otane and Waipukurau schools. I am married to Henri and together we have 4 children. We emigrated to New Zealand from the Netherlands in 2006 and have been living in Waipawa since.

I would love to meet with you and talk a bit more about my role. If you have any questions or would like some information, please do not hesitate to contact me. The best way to contact me is by email or phone (which are available at the school office) as I am in different schools at different times during the week.


Waipawa School Hall - available to hire, with kitchen facilities

Used regularly by the Waipawa Indoor Bowling Club, the Waipawa School Hall is available to hire and even has kitchen facilities.  The Board charge $50.00 per day/night to cover costs. Contact the school office if you wish to make a booking.

Discovery Room

Waipawa School Discovery Room - a great place to learn about science

The Discovery Room, with kitchen facilities, is available to hire for $50.00 per day/night - contact the school office if you wish to make a booking.

Community Garden

Waipawa School Community Garden - an awesome facility to have on our doorstep

With garden areas available, contact Annette Libby, via the school office, if you wish to join.

BIke Track

Waipawa School Bike Track - a community facility

Free to use on weekends and holidays - use with respect please


Waipawa School Sand Pit - a community facility

Free to use on weekends and holidays - use with respect please.

Breakfast Club

Waipawa School Breakfast Club operates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings

Available to all students on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 8.15am. 
Run by the Whanau & Friends (PTA).  Students must sign in, show respect and manners.