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Waipawa School Whanau & Friends (PTA) are a group of dedicated, forward-thinking parents whose aim is to support the Board, Principal and Staff in providing the children with a wealth of varied and exciting opportunities.

Waipawa Primary School's dedicated Whanau & Friends (PTA) in 2016 - Back row from left; Pip, Sam, Anna and Nicky. Front row from left; Bek, Tania and Nicola.

Whanau & Friends (PTA) of Waipawa Primary School are a group of dedicated, forward-thinking parents whose aim is to support the Board, Principal and Staff in providing the children with a wealth of varied and exciting opportunities.

We are a voluntary, non-profit organization where the ‘child’ is at the forefront of every decision we make. We communicate closely and regularly with the board and staff, so that all sectors of the school community are working effectively towards achieving common goals.

Our group gets together once a month (or more often if needed), and in a fun and dynamic way, brainstorm and put together fundraising and social ideas to benefit our students.  Our member’s cultural, work and life experiences are very different which makes for ‘varied’ input into ideas and projects. We all have very different strengths which work well together.  Our similarities are that we are all dedicated to our purpose, hard-working and know that a small amount of our time and effort can produce fantastic results for our School!

I am very proud to have worked with the parents who have volunteered their time over the years, and know that the Whanau & Friends is set to grow stronger and stronger each year as parents realize how important their contribution is and that you don’t have to give up too much time to make a difference.

We currently meet on Friday mornings at 9am in the Staff room at School, but this is subject to change. 

If you would like to find out more about what we do, how you can help or when our next meeting is, please call me on 06 857 7350 or 021 0239 3856.

Kind Regards

Sam Hutchinson

Chairperson of Whanau & Friends of Waipawa Primary School


Sam Hutchinson

I am currently Chairperson of Whanau & Friends and have been for the last two years, and before that I was the Secretary for a year. I am Mum to two beautiful children, Ethan (8) and Abi (7), who are of course students of our wonderful School. I am passionate about contributing to School where I feel I can add value or experience. I hate to see an opportunity missed! I can also be a very convincing negotiator when I need to be, but always done with the interests of the School at heart! 

I emigrated to NZ before Ethan was born and coming from a city in the UK that has a population of over 200,000 to Waipawa was certainly life changing, but in a great way. My work experience is in both the Insurance and ICT industries, from Underwriting, to Sales, to Management.  I currently run my own business, ‘Premier Caravans’ importing English Caravans to NZ.

Pip Burne

I am currently wearing two hats for Whanau and Friends; secretary and vice chairperson. I am Mum to three, all of whom are now at Waipawa Primary School. Not to mention my husband Pete who teaches in Room Two. As an ex-Waipawa primary student, my connection to the school runs deep. I work in Hastings as an HR Manager. 

I love being part of the school community. The Whanau and Friends Committee is a great team of parents who ultimately have the same goal, whilst managing to have fun along the way. 

Tania Death

I currently hold the position of Treasurer of Whanau & Friends (PTA). I have undertaken this role since the AGM in 2013.  I have three children, Ryan (8) and Lauchie (6) who are attending Waipawa School, and Kaitlyn, who will begin in February 2017.

I am passionate about contributing to the school and love being a part of Whanau and Friends and the activities we have been part of recently, which allow us the chance to enhance our children’s school experiences by adding the “cherry on top”.