Our Board of Trustees

Message from Chrissy Malcolm – Board of Trustees Chairperson

Our role is to govern the school and it is the Principals job to manage the day to day running of the school. Most of the members of the Board are Parent Representatives so it is our job to do exactly that; represent the parents of our school and voice our opinions on your behalf, keeping the welfare and best interests of the students at the forefront of our mind.

It is our job to decide on the processes and policies of the school and the principals job to apply them. We also decide on where our funding is going to be spent (not that there is a lot spare after day to day running costs). We also have to monitor things like Health and Safety (which can become a mine field). Property issues, academic data and staffing ratios and recruitment.

The Board of Trustees meet twice a term and discus a wide range of things such as our school pool, possible upgrades to our school buildings, disability access to our classrooms, IT resourcing, fundraisers, sporting events/programmes and camps. The education sector is constantly changing at the moment due to the change in government and we are forever being updated on expectations.

It is our goal to provide the best possible education for every child in our school no matter what their level of ability.

We are very proud of the staff we have within our school and know that they put in many hours of hard work to provide our children with a quality education.

We would all love to get to know our school families better so if you see any of us around school please introduce yourselves and feel free to ask us questions or tell us how you are getting on at school. Remember we are your representatives and we can’t speak on your behalf if we don’t know what you are thinking.

The Waipawa School Board of Trustees members are:

Chrissy Malcolm (Chairperson)
Justine Foster
Annabel Kittow
Lou Baker
Peter Burne (Staff Representative)
Sue England (Secretary)
Paul Jamieson (Principal)